diana kolpak



running time: 60 minutes

Sally Siren used to be a mermaid. Now she's a lounge singer who travels the world to sing you exactly what you need to know about romance, betrayal, passion, obsession, heartbreak, desire and ecstasy.

Clown meets the Blues by way of 30's Berlin cabaret with a little detour through Las Vegas in this interactive solo musical.

Intimate and interactive performances available for your home, gallery, loft, rooftop, pirate ship or any space that can accommodate 10 or more people...or in a traditional theatre space.  Email me for details.

Mature content.

directed by David Benjamin Tomlinson

previous performances

Artful: the Gallery

Courtenay, BC

Dark Crop Performance Festival

Cambridge, ON

The Doll Project Fundraiser

Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto

Pirate Ship Sneak Peek, Toronto Harbour

In the Soil Festival, Ste. Catharine's ON

Toronto Festival of Clowns

Sally's cabaret appearances

Red Nose Cabaret

Mullet's Night Show

Seasonal Activities

Attic Hub Hop


chanteuse and tour guide in the ocean of love...

Sally Siren shares the secret to finding magic in the everyday world...

Jury selection in Edmonton's

Play the Fool Festival Short Film Competition 2020