diana kolpak

The Gorgonetrevich

Corps de Ballet Nationale

in Bethany's Gate


A ground-breaking eight-clown "ballet within a play" about the struggles of a displaced ballet company in exile trying to mount a lost national treasure.

This sly comic indictment of chronic underfunding of the arts was collectively created through a two-year process of in-character improvisation.  


Hadrian Abbott, Wendy Akerboom, Jenn Hall, Diana Kolpak, Kathleen LeRoux, Giovanni Salvia, Meagan O'Shea, David Benjamin Tomlinson

co-director: David Benjamin Tomlinson

lighting design: Sharon DiGenova

set design: Wendy Akerboom

costume design: the company*

original score: James Fisher*

choreography: Meagan O'Shea

graphic design: Rob Kimmel


The Theatre Centre, Toronto

Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

* Dora Mavor Moore Nominations