diana kolpak

I am a story teller who uses theatre, fiction, clown, poetry, music and photography as my media.

Much of my writing is inspired by my family history, especially the stories of my parents, who experienced the second world war as children in Poland. Other influences/fascinations include dark fairy tales, Slavic and classical mythology, the work of Samuel Beckett, quirky overlooked visual absurdities and the beautiful, stark landscape of southern Alberta, where I grew up.

I was the first-ever Canadian invited to perform at clownin,  Vienna's international festival of women clowns, and have directed and helped develop over a dozen original productions that have been performed across Canada. I also teach clown and creativity workshops.

Degrees: MFA in Directing  from the University of Illinois at  Urbana-Champaign and BA (Hon) in English from McGill.

I'm always on the lookout for collaborators who want to create work that explores interesting intersections of ideas and form, but is also full of heart. You can reach me at di@dianakolpak.ca

photos © Diana Kolpak. All rights reserved.